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Make sense of all your streaming and historical data.

The most trusted data platform and BI solution for organisations creating and managing intelligent transport, public transit, and road networks. Automatically prepare and analyse real-time streams and historical data from any system in one cloud-based solution, with market-leading ML and AI applications for deep insights.

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Automated data platform with analytics powered by AI & advanced ML algorithms.

Simplify and scale your data stack

Adopt a flexible & cost-effective cloud solution.

Put business data in context using AI & ML

Crunch your data using market-leading AI/ML algorithms.

Fast and low-risk implementation

90% of new client needs are met out-of-the-box.

Get insight exactly when you need it

Run 90% of your data queries & reports in less than 5 seconds.

Lead with data: for future-ready transport and road systems.

How efficiently we get around underpins our economy, our environment, and the social fabric of our communities. Data-driven insights are increasingly needed to coordinate:

  • How people and goods can be cost-effectively and sustainably moved
  • How to design and connect transport networks to increase their use and longevity
  • How to help all road users drive smarter and safer in real-time
  • How to integrate technologies like automated vehicles and smart city networks

netBI is at the forefront of this movement by helping both public and private organisations make sense of enormous amounts of continuously streaming data and legacy data captured in a variety of settings and systems.

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Made for industries focused on the digitalisation of mobility.

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Transport infrastructure & urban planning
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Public transit networks (all modes)
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Road & traffic management
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Local Government & Smart Cities

Trusted by 10 government agencies and more than 55 public and private operators.

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Depend on us to keep your data secure.

  • netBI is certified in ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management Systems
  • Rest assured that we implement best practice security controls to reduce threats
  • Our approaches maintain the confidentiality and integrity of your information

How netBI works.

We capture, clean, fuse, and cleverly analyse the data that supports operational efficiency, accurate reporting and great decision-making in your organisation.
Data lakes
Real-time streams
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Cloud-based solution
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End-to-end data management & insights
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Automated ETL and data warehousing
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Data lakes and sandpits
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Org-specific business rules & data matching
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ML & AI-driven analytics
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Easy-to-use dashboards
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Pre-built & tailored reports
Informed decisions to enhance your reporting and operational decision-making

We’re different from other data lake, data warehousing, analytics, and BI providers:

  • In-depth transport and logistic industry experience
  • Superior solution design/architecture for scalability and speed
  • Advanced AI/ML algorithms for insights you can trust
  • Advanced applications to lower your cloud and computing costs
  • Capable of ingesting data from any systems
  • Focused on data quality via robust cleaning/matching workflows
  • Devoted to helping you improve your data stack long-term

Get a single platform to access and act on data.

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