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Congested and poorly managed roads cost billions in lost productivity and pollution every year, which reduces the liveability of our cities. We are approaching the intersection of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and seeing the rapidly improving advances in communication and connectivity technology. The availability of networked data is driving this revolution with smart sensors, IoT devices, autonomous vehicles and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The application of Industry 4.0 technologies provides an opportunity for Road Authorities to harness these new datasets to improve and effectively manage traffic and congestion.

netBI’s data platform can assist Road Authorities to manage these evergrowing datasets by reliably merging, storing and processing massive volumes of road data, with AI-driven analytics.

Superior traffic intelligence helps you understand and manage congestion.

Our Congestion Platform can process millions of data sets daily to analyse congestion at an unprecedented speed and scale, including external sources like weather observations/predictions, to provide deeper context and stronger predictive powers.

  • Merge and monitor traffic, incident and external (e.g. weather) data sets
  • Better understand road users, patterns and trends in traffic flow
  • Automate economic analysis of the cost and causes of congestion
  • Evaluate and improve road network performance, including pre- and post-infrastructure investment
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Specialist advice for the roads sector.

Need advice on how you govern and manage data from domain experts? We’ve helped major Australian road management authorities to extract value from their data sets for better planning, investment and operational decision-making.
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Your partner in exploring the future of road data insights.

We’re at the cutting-edge of capturing and analysing big data for road management insights, through AI applications. An example of how we innovate: we’re exploring data management and analysis from LiDAR sensors at intersections—laser-based radar that captures precise 3D images of traffic.
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Make the most of roadside tech with well-managed data and incredible analytics.

Learn more about how our platform helps roads and traffic management agencies to extract meaning from intelligent transport systems, sensors and other technologies like LiDAR imagery to get a complete view of road networks.
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