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Remove data silos with one platform that makes your data accessible and useful.

netBI offers a cloud-based hub to fuse and find meaning from massive amounts and varieties of data.

  • Create a foundation of really clean, fused data.
  • Analyse, report and act on any data immediately.
  • See patterns, drive improvement, plan for the future.
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Control your entire data lifecycle in the cloud.

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Data Lake, Data Warehouse & Platform

  • Ingest data streams or business system
  • Centralised, secure and scalable repository
  • Automated ETL and error-checking
  • Precise data matching and cleansing
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Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

  • Insights aligned to your KPIs & goals
  • Robust analytics powered by AI/ML
  • Pre-built and tailored reporting tools
  • Tools to visualise, model and predict

A continuous flow of insights from infinite data sources.

Easily process data loads and streams during peak periods.
Fuse streams and historical data. Unlimited retention and playback.
Scale effectively as your data volume and end-user base grows.
Visualise insights, generate reports, and deep dive into any data point.
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Sense-making features for smarter transport, public mobility, and road systems.

Innovative ways we’ve helped clients use our solution.
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Smarter Transport and mobility

  • Understand public transit patronage to tailor marketing and customer experience
  • Visually see how people/vehicles move across suburbs and intermodal connections
  • Demonstrate how average run times compare with timetables using dynamic maps
  • Compare, model and predict the impact of fare changes to inform pricing strategies
  • Identify data ‘black spots’ where system/GPS data is missing for routes
  • Reverse engineer historical GPS data to reduce dead running, dwell times and delays
  • Proactively manage operator contracts and KPI reporting against agreed deliverables
  • Understand vehicle loads and trip times to better manage capacity at peak periods
  • Understand where and when fare evasion is more likely to inform revenue protection efforts
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Road Systems

  • Reveal the costs and causes of traffic congestion to guide road infrastructure improvements
  • Model the impact of road incidents or roadworks to better manage alternate traffic flows
  • Geographically identify where traffic flow is sub-optimal and visually model overflow
  • Improve road system design and investment by comparing the impact of multiple options
….and there are thousands of more ways data can be viewed and analysed using netBI.

netBI scales with your needs

any datasets, billions of transactions, decades of data.

Analyse and act on data streams in real-time.

  • Efficient high-performance stream processing
  • Slash your query times to seconds
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Visualise and present data insights spatially.

  • Overlay insights on interactive maps using self-serve interfaces
  • Powerfully showcase journey data dynamically

Get comprehensive context for deeper insight.

  • Convert and leverage historical data for seasonal trends
  • Enrich data with external sources (weather, demographics, traffic)
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Connect and extend your solution.

  • Integrate third-party systems or access our API
  • Export data in a wide variety of formats

Built on a better data platform.

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Designed for incredible speed

Separate infrastructure for data loads and insight delivery ensures rapid responses.
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Optimised for efficient storage

Market-leading compression and storage technologies help reduce your cloud costs.
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Cloud-based experience

Scalable and cost-effective. Nothing to download. Unlimited end user base.
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Secure, controlled access

Best-practice security and user authorisations support better data governance.

A simpler way to store, process, and explore your streaming and historical data.

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