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Who are we?

We’re a team of IT professionals, data science experts and consultants, lead by a management team with an excellent mix of technical and commercial knowledge. netBI is ISO 27001:2013 certified, so you can feel confident we’re equipped to deliver and maintain top-notch information security management.
Our software programmers and systems engineers are highly skilled in:
  • the latest data programming languages
  • system design and development
  • data warehousing and administration
  • data lake formations
  • cloud services
  • dashboard development
  • enterprise IT management.

Our ethos.

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Always helpful

We partner with your data team to address your specific decision-making needs.
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Always going deeper

We develop bespoke tools to make data insights even more precise, visible and useful.
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Always improving

We continuously undertake and partner with leading research institutes into ongoing research and development to offer market-leading applications and tools.
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Where we’ve come from.

We launched in 2003 and quickly became the go-to data specialists and business intelligence solution for the transport and public transit sectors. Our clients now include many of Australia’s major transport regulators and more than 50 transport operators.

We’ve also worked closely with the road management sector to help reveal the productivity, resource use, and environmental costs of incidents and traffic congestion to help governments improve how they operate and invest in road infrastructure.

Where we’re heading.

We’re imagining a data-driven future for any organisation with complex datasets being streamed from multiple sources in real-time—empowered by predictive, root-caused analysis to enhance performance and decision-making. Where data is no longer sitting idle in legacy systems, or underutilized data lakes. We’re delivering (and continuing to refine) the best end-to-end data platform for concurrent visibility of data insights and unmatched predictive power.
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Let’s transform your data together.

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