Automate your economic analysis of the costs and causes of congestion.

Maximise the value of data generated by your roadside sensors and intelligent transport system (ITS) to improve traffic flow by adopting netBI’s market-leading platform to calculate and analyse the costs and causes of congestion.

Know the true cost of congested roads and prioritise actions.

Our platform’s congestion analysis solution can process millions of data sets daily to automatically analyse the reasons for congestion and its economic impact—at an unprecedented speed and scale.
Get a clear picture of how traffic flows under different conditions, what’s normal for different roads and seasonal changes.
Assess and rank roads and suburbs based on an accurate picture of congestion costs from a financial and community-benefit perspective.
Prioritise mitigation efforts and incident management, wisely inform investment decisions and business cases, and evaluate the congestion impact of capital works projects.

How does it work?

Congestion analysis is delivered via netBI’s secure cloud platform so you can easily access, visualise and generate reports via our user-friendly dashboards and BI tools.

The automated calculation of costs and causes is based on sophisticated statistical analysis and AI and ML algorithms that were developed using recommended Australian standardised values validated by peak industry body Austroads.
Enhance your congestion analysis by fusing data from multiple sources:
  • Road sensors
  • Telematics
  • Incident management systems
  • Websites
  • Customer hotlines
  • Bureau of Meteorology observations

netBI’s cost and causes of congestion solution lets you:

  • Fuse and interpret data from road sensors and multiple other systems
  • Contextualise your data with external sources like weather observations
  • Determine the causes of congestion and identify ‘abnormal’ events
  • Understand the flow-on effects when traffic is disrupted or diverted
  • Quantify the total costs of excessive congestion resulting from specific accidents, special events, roadworks and weather
Highway light trail at night

A self-learning solution for a complete view of congestion’s impact.

The way that traffic flows depends on many factors including the time of day, special events and holidays, or changes in people’s behaviour (such as a rapid shift to remote work). In addition, each ‘congestion event’ is different depending on its cause, location and severity.

netBI’s Congestion Platform includes clever features for continually evolving insights.


Speed data from roads is used to create a benchmark for congestion for each road, and our platform’s intelligent ML algorithms continue to calculate and refine what is ‘normal’ traffic for different road links and intersections based on daily and seasonal changes in traffic flow.

Upstream & downstream effects

When a congestion event occurs, our solution calculates the upstream and downstream effects—how traffic flows to connected roads and levels of congestion caused by diverted traffic (its ‘footprint’)—to calculate the total associated costs.

Smart predictive analysis

As a road network generates more data, netBI’s solution ‘learns’ and improves how it models congestion, associated triggers and costs, and predictive traffic flow impacts.

Ready to understand traffic trends and automate critical infrastructure investment decision-making?

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