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Expert implementation, data consulting, and support.

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Our experienced team helps you implement, operate, maintain and enhance your solution to ensure your data stack is easy to manage and delivers an incredible return on investment. We’re technical experts, skilled project managers, and have more than 20 years of industry knowledge.
In addition to a superior SaaS data platform, we’ll help you at every step to:
  • Work with your suppliers/systems to improve the quality of raw data
  • Configure your solution and data workflows for targeted organisational insights
  • Seamlessly adopt the platform and incorporate it into daily decision-making

How we help you make the most of netBI:

  • Fast & low-risk implementation with minimal disruption
  • Guidance & templates for data extraction from source systems
  • Data cleansing & matching based on your business rules
  • Consultative and iterative configuration with key users
  • Tailored KPI dashboards, data visualisations & reports
  • Ongoing maintenance & support for all infrastructure
  • Customised training and manuals to help your team upskill
  • Ongoing mentoring & support to optimise data insights
  • Ongoing platform development and unlimited new report development

Our proven implementation process prepares you to succeed.

  • Benefit from streamlined, low-risk project management
  • Ensure your strategic and tactical requirements are met
  • Immediately enhance your data quality and depth of insight
  • Link reporting/KPIs between regulators and operators
  • Get expert change/issues management and training
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We can manage everything, or support your data team.

  • Let us manage your solution end-to-end
  • Benefit from highly secure & scalable network infrastructure
  • Integrate and extend the solution with netBI’s flexible APIs
  • Access secure File Transfer Gateway (FTG) to ‘push or pull’ data
  • Get expert change/issues management and training

We’ll help you build a better data stack to answer questions like...

  • What matters most to the performance of organisation?
  • Where do you need greater visibility?
  • How can data sources be of a better quality?
  • How could your data stack be deeper and richer?
  • What will your future data & analytics needs be?
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A ready-made solution supported by a team attuned to your industry.

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Building and managing the systems needed to seamlessly transform large volumes of raw data into insights is often a complex and expensive undertaking. Proprietary solutions managed internally generally require more effort and cost to maintain because you don’t benefit from economies of scale, best practice solutions and aggregated industry knowledge.

Our mature and comprehensive solution, depth of industry-specific knowledge, technical expertise and hunger to continuously innovative our product range, makes us the ideal partner. Reduce costs and complexity by working with netBI to move your data stack and reporting tools to the cloud.

netBI has been operating since 2003 and already manages significant volumes of data and decades of historical information for transport and road networks across Australia. You’ll immediately benefit from decades of experience to refine and configure your required solution.
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