Mobility and Mass Transit

Our collective social and economic wellbeing will be shaped by integrated networks that help people move, work, and make use of public spaces. netBI is the public transport sector’s most trusted data platform service.

Unlocking data about your mobility ecosystem can help to identify and improve:

  • Late, unreliable, overcrowded, or underused services
  • Unsafe and unproductive driver behaviours
  • Ineffective network design and infrastructure investment
  • Inefficient operator performance and manual contract reporting processes
  • Impacts of proposed fare changes on service demand and the customer experience
  • Data insights are key to creating integrated transport networks of the future for growing populations
  • Overcome ageing or inadequate network designs that cause crowding, delays, expense and customer frustration
  • Obtain efficiencies and reduce costs associated with autonomous, electrified and green solution services

Sense-making for innovative mobility and mass transit management.

Adopting netBI’s cloud-based data platform service leads to smarter mobility and mass transit service delivery, more effective operations and data-driven strategic decision-making:
Understand how your customers move and connect with multiple services
Examine your network designs and coverage with isochrones and spatial analysis
Compare and model the impact of fare changes to inform pricing strategies
Intelligently optimise and improve your timetables, head-way management, dead running, dwell times and delays with leading AI and ML solutions
Identify data ‘black spots’ where your system/GPS data is missing for routes/workflows
Proactively manage operator contract performance and KPI reporting against agreed deliverables
Understand vehicle loads and trip times to better manage capacity at peak periods
Understand and compare e-vehicle and battery performance
Understand where and when fare evasion is more likely, to inform revenue protection efforts
….and there are thousands of more ways data can be viewed and analysed using netBI.
Discover our SaaS Platform

Tailored insights for Government regulators and service providers in the public transit sector.

For Government Regulators:

  • Collect data from any ticketing, scheduling, telematics & business system
  • More complete datasets for tracking performance across your network
  • More precise KPI target setting based on improved statistical measurements
  • Accurate evaluation of service performance for contractual management
  • Easy-to-use self-service reporting tools and pre-built reports
  • Get whole-of-journey insights to maximise customer experience

For Operators/Service Providers:

  • Identify, visualise and respond to service delivery issues faster
  • Integrate service data with finance, HR and other systems
  • Easily track and adjust performance against contractual KPIs
  • Optimise operational efficiency and cost management
  • See and correct poor driver and vehicle performance early
  • Control access to data insights for easy contractual reporting

Mobility decision-makers trust netBI for data projects.

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How a public transit agency transformed its services, starting with unified ticketing data

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Every customer benefits from industry best practice

netBI’s clients benefit from the collective sharing of best-practice data solutions and cutting-edge applications as we continually develop and improve our data platform services.

Our data services helps public transport agencies and private operators to:

  • Understand demand and effectively align your capacity and services to match
  • Automate the evaluation of service performance against contract KPIs
  • Wisely design and invest in infrastructure, service and network improvements
  • Assess and deliver the best multi-modal mix for connected journeys
  • Determine fair and effective fares for revenue growth and service uptake
  • Visualise and compare the impact of proposed service design changes
  • Leverage the power of real-time operational decision making
Highway light trail at night

Create more efficient and connected transit networks with powerful data analytics.

Read more about the benefits of our cloud-based designed solutions for improved data governance and deep insights that can help your agency or business build the services and networks that make safe, affordable, and connected travel possible.
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