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Major Transport Regulator digitised and automated it’s contractual performance monitoring and reporting to assess 100% of its operators’ services

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Our client is responsible for regulating of the world’s largest integrated public transport networks and managing transport operators to deliver vital public transit services to communities
netBI automated the regulator’s contractual performance insights, removing costly manual systems and measuring 100% of service performance
The regulator is better equipped to manage public transit services contracts valued at over $1 billion

Our client—a major transport regulator—works with a range of government and private providers to deliver statewide public transit services, with the vision of creating an integrated and accessible network. 

With numerous partners and contracts to deliver bus and light rail services, it’s critical that the regulator is able to effectively coordinate agreements, evaluate performance, and manage contractual payments.

The organisation worked with netBI to develop a comprehensive contract monitoring and performance reporting system. The regulator required a high level of statistical accuracy to measure 100% of trips by its service delivery partners. 

To achieve this goal, netBI created a market-leading data platform that fused several different data sets to provide a complete picture on operational performance. A number of issues needed to be resolved and they included unreliable datasets: the quality of the datasets were variable and created distortions in reported performance outcomes. 

The transport regulator now has a BI tool that allows it to comprehensively monitor operator performance based on multiple data sources and measure 100% of trips (including individual bus stops adherence with scheduled services). 

The rich set of data also allows the transport regulator to develop unique performance measures for each delivery partner, subject to regional issues such as traffic congestion, to develop statistically valid performance measures. 

  • Integrates and fuses multiple data sources to measure contractor performance against agreed KPIs.
  • Provides clear evidence of operational performance and allows for in-depth root cause analysis.
  • Provides Geographic Information System (GIS) to capture and analyse spatial and geographic data to provide unparalleled analysis of network performance for improved decision making.
  • Provides the transport regulator and their service delivery partners with one source of truth to provide network insights for improved network performance and the customer’s journey.
  • Provides automated calculations to award or administrator contract penalties, bonuses and abatements. Removes manual performance reporting or calculations.
  • Provides advanced Machine Learning applications to determine optimal scheduling, causation of performance issues, and development of key performance measures.

Want a clear picture of performance?

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